Two Girls, One Dog

Vanessa, Nicole and Bunny go on one epic spring break. Two blondes and one asian chick? SCORE.

The night before Texas…

Twas the night before Texas, when all through the house

Everyone was packing, fussing about.

Clothes pressed and folded and packed with care

In hopes they’d be perfect until we got there.

The laundry was done and the beds were made.

While visions of Mexican food filled our heads.

Cold winter Indiana be gone!

Texas, my heart, WE RIDE AT DAWN.

At 1253 there was a commotion

Nicole discovered a fucking abduction.

Could it, would it, where should it be?

The Nikon E6 cable was lost by me! 

Second time it’s happened in less than a year,

The stupid cable just disappeared.

Fuck this shit, I’m leaving this town

So long cable, I’ll see you around.

But I need you cable, oh where can you be?

Are you hiding beneath my bed OH DEAR ME!

Cable, cable, this is SO last year

You’re lost forever, this i so fear.

Okay listen up cable so here’s the deal.

Hurry up before my blood congeals.

Come out of your hiding place so I can rejoice

Appear before me, in a trice!

Until I find you, there will be no sleep.

This poor girl is about to weep. 

I pray you appear soon from my sight,

So this little lady can say goodnight.

-seriously, my cable is missing. ):